Alternative Entertainment

Alternative Entertainment

Open Air Photo Booth
Our state-of-the-art photo booths have everything you need to make your party or event one to remember. We use an open air style booth which allows huge group shots (up to 20 people!). There’s plenty of space for people to let loose and an LCD TV for everyone to see the action. You choose a gorgeous backdrop(ie: Blue Under The Sea) or use our completely unique “ultra white”. You choose one of our templates for your prints or we’ll design it with you – free of charge. You then snap unlimited pictures at your event, every single one is saved online for FREE and every template is printed out on-the-spot (it takes only 8 seconds). We prefer our big 4×6 prints but can do 2×6 strips too! 
Finally, besides simply having the highest quality studio equipment (24mp camera, best-in-class printer, strobes), we provide a whole entertainment experience. Our assistants are always willing to suggest a hilarious pose idea, last minute prop adjustment and keep everyone laughing
We do "instagram printing and sharing" stuff too where the kids or adults can use their phone to take any pictures with their instagram app and we'll be able to print them out automatically for them.
Step and Repeat
Your guests can feel like a Hollywood Celebrity as they walk the red carpet and are showered with pictures from the Paparazzi!

We print out the image for you in a backdrop and supply props for each photo.
Graffiti Style fabulous artists to air brush Hats, Tee shirts, or Bags.
Back Packs, Sneakers, Pajamas Bottoms. Unlimited Creativity!!
Tatz Nailz
Why spend painstaking time perfecting your designs by hand when you can have them perfectly printed to fit your nail in a fraction of the time!

Whether you want a pre-event manicure or the whole sha-bang, we can put this nail imaging on existing nail polish or on your natural nails.

These beautiful images are not stickers!

The printer uses actual ink to apply your new custom
nails in a flash!

Bonus features include:
• Prints designs onto your nails in 10 seconds or less
• Comes with thousands of pre-loaded designs
• Load your own digital image or logo

• Built-in camera for on the spot selfies 
Virtual Roller Coaster
Let us help you with your party planning by bringing the excitement of an amusement park right to your party.
With 3-D visuals and surround sound and seats that actually move around by dipping & curving. Guests will experience all the screams
and thrills that riding a real roller coaster brings.

Huge Hit!!
NCAA Basketball Challenge
   Our most popular party game is our NCAA Basketball Challenge with Referees and Trophies for winners.

Instagram Photo Booth

The Selfie Hashtag photo booth provides an event experience like no other. You get the traditional photo Booth experience or a print that looks exactly like an Instagram post that can be customized, with the ability to take photos and print from any smart phone in the room.​

Step 1 - Guests Take a photo with Instagram from their Smart Phone or directly at the Kiosk.
Step 2 - Use Custom Hashtag when posting your picture to Instagram.
Step 3 - Photos instantly prints at the Instagram Kiosk.

​Creates a photo booth experience that truly embodies the best of yesterday and today. Photos post to Instagram and can stream to facebook, Twitter, Smug Mug, Emailed or SMS Texted.

Dance Dance Revolution

Pump of the volume in any atmosphere with our classic DDR!
DDR always has the longest line in an arcade and now you’re bringing that fun right to your guests feet.  Dance like nobody’s watching, even though a crowd will surely form with this high energy game! 
Featuring some of the most popular songs of all time, participants move their feet to the arrows on the screen and score points for accuracy. Up, down, left, and right…your guests will be grooving to the beat.

Inflatable LED Photo Booth

​​LED Photo Booths are the latest design that has hit the U.S.! 
They are sophisticated, attention grabbing, big enough to fit a small crowd, have wow factor and best of all easy to set up and set down as they are very light, but very sturdy.

Great for Weddings, Birthdays, Parties, Corporate Events and any other event.
This square LED Inflatable Photo Booth is white, which allows for the optimal colour glow. Your guests can select their preferred booth colour when they take their photo.

You can opt to have colored internal walls, we sometimes have purple walls in the booths we use. 

The LED lights are a high quality RGB bars and the booth is made from likewise a high quality fire retardant material that is easy to clean.

Digital Grafitti Wall

The Photo Graffiti Wall is an exciting state-of-the- art system that takes the digital photo booth to the next level. Snap a pic, project it onto a digital “wall” – a projection or touch screen – and enhance it with virtual graffiti using a laptop, projector, and infrared spray cans.

Show off your artistic skills without the mess. The Digital Graffiti Wall is a hot new product. Step in front of the screen and have your photo taken. Your image will come up onto the wall. Grab a paint can and decorate your photo. The can sprays where you point. Use a custom stencil or free hand.
Then there's our photo option....

Guests are photographed and, in less than a second, their
photo is uploaded and displayed on a rear projection screen.

By using a digital spray can, your guests decorate their just
taken photograph without getting dirty or inhaling dangerous fumes.

There’s no better way to wow your guests. Complete with a photo, make your memories colorful by choosing between varies color options and stencils!!