Lighting is Exciting!

DJ Light Show, Light Up Dance Stages, Flat Screen TV's & Up Lighting are ALWAYS a great addition to enhance the party feel.
Why choose lighting?
Interested in changing the look of your room according to your theme?
Want to make it more "Club Like"?
Transform any room into a lounge/club feel with our variation of colors, Gobos and Lighting Effects with our DJ Lighting and Up Lights!!
DJ Lights
DJ Lights can not only make your party more exciting, it will also transform your party room into a hot night club scene.

These high powered LED Lights with Rotating Heads bring life to any dance floor.

We also have different Gobos which can change the design of your spot light.  Specific Gobos can be selected.  Ie: Your Name, Party Theme, Etc....
Light Up Dance Stages
Light Up Dance Stages are perfect for showcasing any one you'd like to draw the attention to.

Perfect for putting you and your loves ones on a pedastal.

Stages lighting come in various clors to match your decor and theme.
A mobile "video wall" or modular LED screen from Malka Entertainment is the perfect addition to your next event. Ever since SONY™ wowed audiences with their spectacular Jumbotrons™ in Times Square, LED video screens (you may know them as videowalls, giant TVs, or projection superscreens) have become the most popular and effective way for event organizers to thrill their guests.

Standing tall in a mass multi-plex of combined LED panels, our video wall is just that! 
An interactive wall! 
You can display anything you'd like.  From your logo to videos and a light show of vibrant colors.
You can display Zap Shots & Live Simulcast as well.
It stands up to 9 feet tall and 16 feet wide!
"Uplighting" aka "Wall Washers"
Nothing sets the mood, the theme and the feel better than "Up Lighting".  
Whether  you're looking for a blue Winter Theme to a bright red Tropical Theme.
There are a various selection of colors to choose from!
Wash the Wall
Set the Mood
Choose a Theme
LED Video Wall
Multi Flatscreen Displays
What better way to give your party the "Club" feel than to have a multiple flat screen display?

A range of 40 t0 50 inch LED flat screens hung front and center to display anything you'd like.
From montages to videos or vibrant colors, these screens are the perfect way to give you that
upscale club feel!
​You can display Zap Shots & Live Simulcast as well.