Lounge Furniture

Why choose Lounge Furniture?
To give your party a more contemporary look, choose from any one of our different couch selections, Light Up High Boys, Light Up Coffee Tables, Light Up Side Tables or Light Up Bars.

Lounge furniture adds more of a casual "Club" feel to your party and your guests will be impressed!
Light Up High Boys & Bar Stools
Choose from an array of different colors to light up your high boys.
Sleek bar stools to match a very cool, contemporary environment.
Couches & Coffee Tables
Fill a room with comfy couches and Light up Side/Coffee Tables to set the mood.

Custom Bars and Cubbies

Interested in giving your party a High End look?

Craft and create your own theme/look with our custom made bars.
Bars range from LED in various colors to mirror and glass enclosed based on the theme of your party.

Prints of your logo can be displayed on the the facade of the bar.

We also have cubbies that can be designed with designated name tags.