Meet Our Emcees

Meet Our Emcees

Mario aka "Do or Die" Mordechai
Entertainer, moment creator, adventure seeker, dancer, grappler, lover, protector, student & coach

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Constantly being mistaken for the singer Bruno Mars or the soccer player Paladinho, but soon Pedro will be seen as himself as a talented artist of his own right.

Smoother and cooler than the other side of the pillow
With a strong love for dance and a passion for working with children, Cindy feels she was destined to be an Emcee in the DJ Industry.

On a dance floor surrounded by smiles is where she finds her greatest joy!

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Professional, multi-talented and entertaining personality with over 25 years of extensive regional, national and international on stage performances, bar and bat mitzvahs, weddings and public speaking experiences, 8 ground breaking musical performances in the Soviet Union in 1989 with 5000+ attending, ability to sing in Hebrew and Russian and, can perform a very good song and dance impersonation of Michael Jacksons Billie Jean, natural leader, creative with strong communication skills,proficient and experienced in audience interaction and participation.
Geronimo is a native New Yorker who worked in real estate and as a lieutenant lifeguard in the summer but now owns a gym called Brooklyn Zoo NY and event space called Bogarthouse. He's the all around entertainer that works Bar Mitzvahs, Sweet 16's, Weddings and Corporate parties as an Emcee. Geronimo is electric on and off camera, has natural charisma with a huge smile and is one the nicest guys you’ll ever meet. He has also been featured in a number of TV/Commercials. Geronimo can be seen in music videos from Mary J Blige & The Hustle Heartz.
Has also been on TV shows such as Ed, Law & Order, All My Children, Are We There Yet?, The Get Down, Unforgettable, Shades Of Blue, Sesame Street, Caso Cerrado & Protagonistas De Novela 2 on Telemundo. As a model Geronimo has been in Sally Mae, UFO Clothing, DL clothing ads & has done shows for Farcouture & Triple 5 Soul. As an Actor Geronimo has been in a few films like Anne B. Real, Two Lovers, Face (2002), August the 1st & Step Up 3D.

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